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6 Slowest Mustangs

Hard to see those two word in the same sentence. Slow, Mustang. It is true, over the years there have been, many slow, underpowered Mustangs. Checkout the article I found over at The Mustang Source

1. 1964 1/2 Mustang with 170ci six

There is no denying how good those first Mustangs looked, or how dependable the Falcon sourced straight six is, but what it isn't, is quick. With just 101 hp, 156lb-ft of torque, and having to tow around about 2500lbs, the little motor has its work cut out for it. Consumer Reports road test of the base motor, with a 4-speed manual, only managed 0-60 in 16.8 seconds, and the automatic would add several more seconds. Still, Not many people would turn down a good deal on an early Ford pony car because it was slow. From 1965 onward the base motor was the 200ci six, and you got an extra 20 hp, but acceleration was still stately.