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What's different with EU Mustangs?

Cool little article over over at Car Throttle...just incase you didn't know.

5 Subtle Design Differences Between US And EU-Spec Ford Mustangs

Legislation means that US-spec Mustangs will look slightly different to EU-spec cars. Here are all the design differences, from wing mirror size to bonnet bulge

1. US-spec Mustangs get hood vents...

While EU Mustangs don't due to safety legislation

2. US-spec Mustangs feature red rear lights whereas the bars on EU cars are transparent

3. US-spec wing mirrors are small and sleek, EU mirrors are larger and more triangular

4. Rear indicators are red on US cars, yellow on EU models

5. DTRLs integrated into US headlight cluster...

While the three bars inside EU headlights are not DTRLs. Instead, the DTRLs are integrated into the fog lamps