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Opinion Time: Like kids at X-Mas

The following is just my opinion, for whatever that's worth. You have been warned!

  You may have seen it somewhere in social media, or heard about it from a friend. Ford is testing a new Mustang. What that will be or when it will be released is the question. Everybody has an opinion, from Car and Driver , to The Mustang News, to Mustang6G.  

    I for one, will be the adult in the room (for once) and say "STOP IT!" and  "Get Control!" Of course there is a new Mustang coming out. Of course it will be awesome, and of course we will all fall over ourselves with whatever it is. We live in a world of instant gratification, where we can see new cars the second they roll off the line or in this case 10 seconds after the below photos were taken. Once we see these things, we then want them uncovered, unwrapped, and given to us immediately, like kids at Christmas (or whatever holiday you choose).

     I blame many things for this. High resolution photography, the internet and of course the media which puts this out there like a plate of cookies for Santa. We all find a warm plate of cookies hard to resist, but lets try. Ford will do their voodoo, and when the cooking is done, when the engineers are happy , and when the sales people have agreed on a price, THEN we can open up our wallets and sign on the dotted line to get the biggest baddest, craziest, coolest,  whatever the f&k it is Mustang. Till then enjoy your Mustang. Love it, pet it, show it off, and let it know you still love it (until the next one comes out).

and the kid in me thinks that this is a GT500 and I want it unwrapped now!