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Throwback Thursday 1970 BOSS

Source Mustang360

Cool article I found over at Mustang360. Click on the link above or the link below for more cool pictures, and the story behind this BOSS!

The Best 1970 Boss 429 Mustang in the World

This Grabber Blue 1970 Boss 429 is the one and only 1970 Boss 429 to date that has ever won an Authenticity Award in Mustang Club of America judging. That’s the major reason Rick Campbell wanted this car. He was after “the best of the best.”

Campbell said, “I first saw the car about eight years ago. Billy Jay [Espich] was having a private show at a private airport.” (Readers might recall the feature we did on Espich’s 1969 Boss 302-powered prototype Shelby G.T. 350 fastback: