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How I'd Configure Them

    As many of you already know, you can now go to the Ford website and configure your dream Mustang. If I had unlimited funds, this is how i'd configure each one. I'm not picking the v-6, simply cause there is really no configuring to do, so lets see what I did pick and why.

First the Ecoboost. I start with the premium package, with automatic transmission for daily driving. Then I picked the pony package, and picked black, cause it makes the chrome really pop.

Next up is the GT. Here I choose Ruby red and the 401a package, cause why not? I also changed the rims cause they remind me of the rims from Bullitt. I imagine this as my road trip car.

Last but not least would be the AWESOME GT350! It is hard to choose between the 350 and the 350R, but I picked the 350 cause it seemed more practical. Oxford White with the blue strip, in tribute to the original 65' version, and the convenience package.  Now that I think about it maybe a GT350R would be great for tearing up the track? Why not, I'm only dreaming...