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A 2018 Bullit?

      Ok so here I am blurry eyed and tired, but I just saw this on the Twitter and I had to say something...well not really, but I had a thought. What if in 2018 Ford released a special edition Bullitt Mustang? What do I base this mad thought on? Well two things. one this post over at  Mustang6G, about a ten speed transmission, and the second is the fact , that 2018 would be 50th anniversary of the movie Bullitt.  The last time Mustang fans saw a Bullitt model was 2008, and with the 50th anniversary, why not? American Muscle played with the idea back in 2015 when the new gen came out. Anyhoo, i'm tired and am going to bed, and dreaming of a 2018 Bullitt....zzzzzzz