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Lego Mustang?

Funny little article I found over at The Mustang Source I checked the Lego site and it said coming soon. They have all sorts of other cars , but the Mustang is the coolest!

After 50 Years, LEGO Finally Rolls Out a Mustang Set

There certainly hasn’t been a shortage of Mustang themed toys over the years. The Ford pony car is probably one of the most replicated toy cars to date. But apparently this is a first.

In its 50-year history, the Mustang has never been sold as an official LEGO set, which I imagine could make these bricks quite a collector’s item down the road.

The miniature brick set for the Ford pony car is being offered as part of LEGO’s Speed Championship Series. In addition to the car, the Mustang set also comes with a mechanic minifigure and an actual lap-time sign. All in all, there’s a total of 185 pieces in the set.

About the only thing missing in the set is a LEGO racetrack with a bunch of mini spectators to take in the action. Perhaps they could call it the Brickyard.

The Mustang LEGO set retails for $14.99.