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Holiday Shopping 2016 Idea List!

    I don't care what faith or religion you are, but this is generally the time of year when people go out in droves, or clog up the interwebs, looking to buy presents for someone they care about. This year I have put together a list of ideas for all you last minute shoppers!

For a mere $8,000, you can get that special someone this monster all wrapped up in it's own crate!

2015-2016 Performance Packs

Ranging from $539 up to $2,395 you can give that loved one a bit more horse power for their Mustang, without having to replace the engine!

Okay, if those first two ideas were a bit out of the ball park, try the Ford Merchandise store, You can get lots of gifts, from ball caps, to key chains. Just make sure you get the Mustang merch only. Okay if granddad drives a pickup, you can browse those pages too.


Last but not least, if you can't find him, or her something Mustang related, that they don't already have , try Amazon! Seriously I just did a search, and see over 20 pages of stuff. Now not all 20 pages may actually be Mustang stuff, but that's still a lot! Still not sure what to get? Here are a few of my faves...

Classic T-Shirt

A Faster Horse

Zippo Lighter

Tin Sign

Parking Sign

Key Rack

Lego GT Mustang

Mustang Puzzle

The Complete Book of Ford Mustang

So there you have it. Go shop, and get your Mustang driver something they'll love!