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My new Mustang!

        If you've been following the blog over the past 3+ years you know that I became a fan of the Mustang late in life! I bought my 2013 v-6 premium back in 2012. I loved that car.  305hp was more than enough to get me in trouble - which I somehow advoided.  The trunk space and fold down back seats allowed me to stuff it full of all sorts of stuff. I drove the car in rain and snow. Yes it was a daily driver!  As a daily driver i found the factory brakes a bit soft, and the live rear axel, a bit tiresome, especially in NYC, or actually anywhere in NY state.

       As you can tell from the wording I no longer have that Mustang. Last September I began the process of getting a new Mustang. (Which is a whole other story) Sadly I was not able to afford a GT, and a neutered v-6 was not an option. So I opted to get a ecoboost premium. The car dives better than my 2013 V-6 model. Brakes are responsive, and it can move! 

      Sadly, when I picked up the car on Monday I had a raging fever. word to the wise never buy a car when your sick. No really, NEVER! Long story short, there it is in the picture below. Still sitting there since i've been to sick to drive it. Maybe this weekend? Never buy a Mustang when your sick....