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Opinion Time! The perfect Mustang?

      Here we are in 2016, and i'm gonna try something different. Opinion Time! were i'll randomly ramble or babble about something Mustang related, talking about stuff that probably has already been discussed, argued and fought over for years.

     Today's topic will be the perfect Mustang. What is or what makes up the perfect Mustang? I'm not gonna do a top ten list or tell you what is the perfect Mustang, because everyone has a different idea of what makes a perfect Mustang. Somewhere out there is a old man who is still driving his beat up, broken down, rusty, smelly 1965 Mustang and will NEVER give it up, cause that is his perfect Mustang.  Some people HAVE to have the latest greatest Mustang when it comes out.

      My perfect Mustang would be a 200+MPH, AWD, with a real heads up display and a voice command system that actually did what I told it! So what would be your perfect mustang? new or old? fast or FASTER! In the end, does any of it really matter? It is still a Mustang!