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New Mustang?

       I'm not sure why, but i've been considering getting a new Mustang recently. I have a 2013 v-6 premium, and was thinking about the 2016 ecoboost.  My problem is, as nice as the new Mustang might be, the 2017 rumors are starting to leak out already. We know as mustang fans, that there will be new body work. Almost certainly a redesign of the rear bumper, and the nose and hood.
        Then there's the other rumor, a big advance in technology, a 10 speed transmission. It should mean better speed, and fuel economy. I doubt that ford would change the ecoboost engine, but maybe paired with a 10 speed transmission it would better than it is today? Maybe they would bring back the v-6 with a turbo? The v-8 may change as well, but i'm not so sure of which direction Ford might go with this one.
        So the question is 2016 now, or wait to see what Awesomeness Ford might release next year? I mean it is only a year away.

Decisions, decisions.