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2015 400lbs Lighter?!

Breaking News: The 2015 Mustang to Loose Weight, Improve MPG

2015 Mustang Design Rendering
2015 Mustang Rendering by Mustang6G
According to Ford inside sources reporting to, The 2015 Mustang is set to loose at least 400lbs off the current body weight, but that’s not all.

A 400LBS Lighter, 15 Inch Shorter 2015 Mustang

Up until now, we have only been able to speculate about the next generation S550 Mustang being a smaller, more nimble vehicle. Now we have some solid evidence to support the findings. In addition to dropping 400 pounds in curb weight, the same inside source is also reporting a smaller in length 2015 Mustang–slicing off ~15 inches from the total size. This will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the 6th generation Mustang’s gas mileage and MPG. How much it will impact fuel efficiency, is still a mystery.
How this will play out with regards to interior space is yet to be seen, but given the tight constraints of the current Mustang’s back seats, one would wonder how much more room there is to loose from the interior compartment. For those of us who keep the rear seat belts buckled year-round, the prospect of loosing a little more real estate isn’t much of a concern, especially if that means dropping 400lbs.
2015 Mustang Engine Bay
2014 Mule With 2015 Mustang’s Frame/Engine Bay

2015 Mustang Dimensions vs The 2014 Mustang

Width: The 2015 is said to have a “10%” (~6.5 inches) shorter in width compared to the 2014 Mustang.
2014 Mustang: 73.9 inches wide — 2015 Mustang: 67.4 inches wide
Length: The 2015: 8% (~15 inches) shorter.
2014 Mustang: 188.5 inches in length and rides on a 107.1-inch wheelbase — 2015 Mustang: 173.5 inches in overall length
Weight: 2015 is set to loose ~400lbs curb weight.
2014 Mustang: 3,617.8lbs curb weight (V8 GT with Auto transmission) — 2015 Mustang GT: 3,217lbs curb weight

Pairing Less Weight With the EcoBoost 4-Cylinder Mustang

The drop in curb weight was brought on by two developments on the automotive world–Ford’s need for a more fuel-efficient fleet of vehicles and Europe’s tight vehicle sizing constraints. Given that we’ve heard reports and we have a video of the 2015 Mustang with a turbo’d 4 cylinder under the hood, its only natural to speculate how this new “SVO” will perform.
If the Edmunds report is true and the new Mustang sheds 400lbs of weight–not including the motor–the turbo 4-cylinder would have a curb weight of around 3,000lbs and be pushing somewhere around 300-350 horsepower. Comparatively, the last 4-cylinder turbo’d Mustangs–the 1986 SVO–came in at a curb weight of 3,049lbs and had a power output of 200 hp (149 kW) @ 5000 rpm 240 lb·ft (330 N·m) @ 3200 rpm. Throw in the addition of an IRSand shorter overall length, you have one completely overhauled pony car. Look out, there might be one formidable 4-banger with Mustang logos blowing the doors off older v8s when the 2015 model year Mustangs start rolling out.

The Coyote V8 Will Return in 2015

It’s not all a loss for the die-hard V8 crowd–in addition to a turbo 4-cylinder, the 2015 Mustang will also be produced with the current Coyote motor, possibly with a bump in power to between 450-475HP. A 2015 prototype videotaped doing test runs around the Dearborn, MI area had a V8 and sounded as good as ever, producing the low, muscle car growl we’ve come to expect from the beloved Mustang. The current V6 is set to return as the base model Mustang. The turbo 4 would be the middle ground while the V8 GTs would still be the premium model.
Let us hear your thought on the 2015 Mustang’s diet and leave a comment below!
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