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Top Ten Posts of 2012

         I started this blog in April 2012 after I decided to buy a Mustang. I've never owned a true sports car or muscle car, so I did my homework and picked America's favorite pony car! Below are some of the posts you liked the most.  I'm sure 2013 is gonna be even better!
  1. Abundance of Shelby Mustangs
  2. Photo Gallery: 2013 Saleen 302 Mustang
  3. 2014 1/2 50th Anniversary?
  4. Ford reveals lineup of customized 2013 Mustangs for SEMA show
  5. '65 Mustang Convertible restoration
  6. 2015 Ford Mustang Spied with Next-Gen Bodywork
  7. Shelby GT350 in 2015?
  8. Still looking for gifts?
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