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Bad Roads

    I normally, don't do a rant here, but I just got back from a road trip to Delaware, and had to post this. KEEP YOUR MUSTANGS AWAY FROM NYC! I mean all 5 Boughs. I Drove through Staten Island, and on the belt parkway, which goes through Brooklyn, and Queens, and am lucky to be typing this now. The roads are almost unusable. I thought I was gonna detach ny brain stem! There is construction going on almost everywhere, and nothing seems to be getting done. The roads are full of pot holes, barriers, and paint lines that are all over the road and seem to be trying to cause an accident. I hear the roads in Iraq are better! And their roads are getting blown up on a regular basis!
     So the next time Governor Cuomo tells anybody what a great state New York is, ask him why the road system is failing? or take him for a ride in a Mustang and see which fails first, his brain stem or the car's suspension?