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Sayville Ford Mustang post show report

Sunday Sept. 23rd, 2012 I went over to my local Ford dealership to checkout their yearly Mustang show. I spent about an walking around with a stupid grin on my face. There was a wide assortment of Mustang off all types and styles.
 The dealership van looked quite awesome
 I'm not sure how this Mustang was even driven there?
 1971? BOSS Mustang, Very awesome!
 2013 BOSS, even now as I type this I'm grinning.
 The dealerships' owners car. 1964 1/2.
 And for a mere $24,000, this Mustang could've been yours.
 Cause, it's just not good enough for your Mustang to look on the outside, it's gotta look good on the inside!
 One of my favorites, 2008 Bullitt.
 I still don't have to have it, but it still looked nice.
 The guy who owned this 1974 Mustang II, bought it in 1974 from this very dealership. Restored it in the early 2000's. Still has some work to do on the interior, but a nice job overall.
 Not a Mustang, but still cool, Ford Econoline.
I think, this sums it all up... 
I can't wait till next year!