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Transformer Mustang for sale

“Barricade” Transformer for For Sale on Ebay

Fans of Transformers rejoice! Barricade, the Saleen Mustang decepticon from the first movie, is on sale on ebay. In case you’re movie memory isn’t so sharp, here’s the clip where Barricade first makes his appearance.
Judging by the sellers page and pictures, this is the real deal. He has all the documentation from The Branson Auto Museum, which had the car sitting on display. Just because it was sitting in the museum doesn’t mean that it’s a prop, the car runs and is totally road legal. In fact, it includes magnetic labels to cover up the police markings. Cool.
Apart from it’s status as a movie car, Barricade is also a prototype Saleen. As a result, it has the full Saleen treatment, including a modified Saleen motor, Saleen extreme body panels, wheels, brakes, suspension, et cetera. However, it doesn’t have the a supercharger like normal Saleen would. The seller says that it was removed by the studio because the interfered with the microphones during filming. We thought the whine of a supercharger would’ve fit in just fine all the noise Transformers make.
The current bids are hovering around $50,000, but it hasn’t hit the reserve yet. Considering the car has it’s own fan club, we imagine someone is willing to pay a premium for this piece of movie magic.